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Vision, Mision & Strategy


Creating a cooperative in the Personal and Health Tourism Sector highlights by 2020.


  • Making the Sector of Personal Care and Health as major contributor to cooperative income.
  • Provide business exposure and opportunities to cooperative to engage in tourism, self-care and health activities.
  • Producing cooperative entrepreneurship in tourism, self-care and health activities.



Creating a mix or network cooperative that involved in tourism, self-care and health activities by industry or specific fields.

  1. Cooperative Hotel Services and Business Network ( CoopHotel Network ).
  2. Co-operative Services and Business Network of Cooperative Homestay ( CoopStay Network ).
  3. School Cooperative Tourism Network - Inter School Cooperative Tourism ( CoopISTAC Network ).
  4. Co-travel Network Services and Business Cooperative Travel Agency ( CoopTravel Network ).
  5. Network Services and Business Spa Cooperative ( CoopSpa Network ).
  6. Co-operative Dialysis and Business Network ( CoopDialysis Network )
  7. Co-operative Pharmacy Services and Business Network ( CoopFarmasi Network )